Dragontail Mapping Tutorial to copy files to/from the PI

My weather station is up and running now. However I need to make copies of the data files just in case there is some kind of failure.

The obvious solution is to make a copy of the image using Win32DiskImage, but this involves shutting down the pi, and moving the SD card to a windows PC. An easier solution is to use the ssh already installed from my previous tutorial. On the PC side I just need a copy of FileZilla, downloaded from http://filezilla-project.org . To connect to the PI, open the Site manager enter the Host ip address (I have fixed this on my router), and change the protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol. Enter your user name (pi) and password, and thats it. You can now drag files and directories from the pi to a local PC with ease.

In my case to backup the data directory of the weather station